Category: Animals

  • Charlotte’s Web

    Charlotte’s Web

    Book description The classic story follows Fern, her pig named Wilbur, and his friend Charlotte in a tender tale about friendship, love, life, and death. Read more

  • Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox

    Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox

    Book description This delightfully illustrated book introduces children to the Anishinaabe tradition of totem animals. Through a series of simple poems, young children explain why they identify with different animals such as deer, beaver, or moose. Read more

  • They All Saw a Cat

    They All Saw a Cat

    Book description This story about one cat’s many lives highlights curiosity and imagination, and how different views of the same cat shapes what we see. Read more

  • My Friend Is Sad

    My Friend Is Sad

    Book description This is a tale of kindness and empathy for our friends and explores how we can help them when they are feeling sad. Read more