Category: Picture Books

  • It’s Okay to Be Different

    It’s Okay to Be Different

    Book description Highlighting that each person is unique and exploring how we differ from one another, this book helps children accept others and themselves for who they are, and celebrate their uniqueness. Read more

  • Be You!

    Be You!

    Book description This is an inspirational story about the value of always being yourself! Be curious…Be adventurous…Be brave…Be YOU! Read more

  • Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox

    Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox

    Book description This delightfully illustrated book introduces children to the Anishinaabe tradition of totem animals. Through a series of simple poems, young children explain why they identify with different animals such as deer, beaver, or moose. Read more

  • The Good Egg

    The Good Egg

    Book description This funny and charming picture book highlights the importance of balance, acceptance, self-care, and not having to be Grade A to be perfect. A follow-up to The Bad Seed. Read more

  • A Flicker of Hope

    A Flicker of Hope

    Book description This colorfully animated story reminds us that we all have dark clouds sometimes but that they are temporary and asking for help is always allowed. Read more

  • They All Saw a Cat

    They All Saw a Cat

    Book description This story about one cat’s many lives highlights curiosity and imagination, and how different views of the same cat shapes what we see. Read more

  • My Friend Is Sad

    My Friend Is Sad

    Book description This is a tale of kindness and empathy for our friends and explores how we can help them when they are feeling sad. Read more

  • Julian is a Mermaid

    Julian is a Mermaid

    Book description This is a story about a boy named Julian who is swept away by the magic of making his own fabulous mermaid costume in a celebration of self-confidence and joy. Read more

  • The Proudest Blue

    The Proudest Blue

    Book description This is a wonderful story of two sisters who learn to be strong and remain proud of who they are on their first day of school as they face hurtful and confusing words from others. Read more

  • A World of Kindness

    A World of Kindness

    Book description Through a series of simple and thought-provoking questions, this book encourages children to think about how they can show kindness and consideration for others. Read more