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What is wee read?

wee read is a program that will help you learn more about how reading to a child builds an emotional connection and models the confidence and joy that comes with being a reader. Reading with children has long-lasting and positive impacts.

Why is reading to children important?

Do you remember learning to read? Most of us cannot recall this process! Reading is a complex activity. Two factors that may have supported your love of reading are:

Having joyful experiences with books

Building your confidence in your identity as a reader

Discover the many ways reading to children can enrich their lives! This video showcases the benefits of reading, from fostering a lifelong love of books to learning essential literacy skills. Dive into the world of storytelling and find out why it’s a vital part of any child’s development.

As we learn to read, we develop a reading identity.

A reading identity describes the types of reading we like: nonfiction vs fiction, format, and genres. A person’s reading identity is part of what motivates and inspires them to read. By reading to a young child, you can expose them to new and different books.

Being a reading role model

You will be creating a warm and inviting environment by reading aloud, making conversation, playing games, and sharing your own love of reading. Children need to be exposed to verbal and written language through reading, talking, singing, rhyming, and playing every day. Adding a consistent, authentic, and trusting relationship creates an even stronger environment for a young person to develop as a confident reader.

In this course you will:

Learn more about the importance of “serve & return” conversational relationships

Learn about early literacy, the building blocks to help support a child in their learning to read journey

Feel confident and joyful in your own ability to effectively read aloud to a child

Learn strategies for making shared reading fun

Learn to engage children “beyond the pages of the book” in extra activities

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