What is wee read?

wee read is a program that will help you learn more about how reading to a child builds an emotional connection and models the confidence and joy that comes with being a reader. Reading with children has long-lasting and positive impacts.

wee read is not designed to show you how to teach a child to read, rather, it is about developing and deepening your confidence as a reader which in turn helps you become an effective role model for a child who is building their reading identity.

wee read will provide you research-based tools for making reading time as powerful as possible!

Who is wee read for?

Whether you’re a volunteer, a Big Brother Big Sisters mentor, an educator, or a caregiver, wee read helps you deepen your skills and confidence as a reading role model. Reading with a child should be a fun, stress-free, and joyful experience.

Would you like to change a child’s life?

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area, we are experts at creating one-to-one mentoring relationships for children and youth in Calgary. wee read is but one important part of this. If you’re interested, please click to link below to become a mentor with us.