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Reading with children can give them a head start in life and develop a foundation for critical skills that are necessary for adulthood. Many kids don’t have a reading role model in their life and a mentor can be that for them. Be the someone who shows a young person the magic that comes from books!

Kids who read lead, kids who read graduate, kids who read get a job, kids who read vote and volunteer more than anyone else.

Express care

  • By reading together, mentors express care by creating a calm, safe space and providing opportunities to express difficult feelings.
  • Engaging with books increases meaningful conversations and connectedness between a Mentor and child.

Mentors can express care by: congratulating the young person when they read a challenging word/sentence.

Challenge growth

  • Reading books with a young person or in a book club is known to improve social-emotional development and increase school engagement.
  • Raising literacy competencies expands cultural awareness and a young person’s understanding of themselves and others.

Mentors can challenge growth by: introducing a more challenging book to read when the young person is ready.

Provide support

  • Mentors can provide emotional support while reading stories and increase positive adjustment for adolescents and emerging adults.
  • Increased mental health literacy can significantly improve positive emotions and improve emotional regulation.

Mentors can provide support by: using the book as a tool to ask questions and have deeper conversations about situations and people in the stories.

Share power

  • Through relatable story characters and challenges, young people feel supported and will grow in problem solving capacities.
  • An increase in enjoyment of reading provides a safe haven to learn and grow together in a mentoring relationship.

Mentors can share power by: encouraging the young person to select the book they want to read.

Expand possibilities

  • Reading positive stories increases optimism and a positive vision for the future.
  • Literacy accesses the limitless imagination of youth and opens doors to new interpretations and meanings in their lives.

Mentors can expand possibilities by: selecting a new genre of book so they can learn new things together.

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