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While reading

Use lots of expression and enthusiasm!

Read to children letting the words work their magic. Read in a lively, engaging way, using voices, gestures, and facial expressions. 

Engage children while reading

Pause every so often to pose a question that enhances their understanding. Explain what a word means or draw out children’s personal experiences that might connect to the book you are reading.

Use pauses wisely

For non-fiction books, pause to look at the pictures/charts/maps to help children recognize these special features. 

For fiction, don’t interrupt the reading too often or the flow of the story can be lost.

Generate interest in the print

Get children interested in print by tracking (sometimes running your finger under the words as you are reading the text) or pointing to special letters or words on a page.  Take time to explain important words.

Have fun!

Remember to promote learning without taking away from the children’s enjoyment of the book and your time together.

These tips and tricks can make your storytelling sessions more engaging and enjoyable! Watch the way reading with emotion and taking turns helps to create unforgettable story time moments, and how sharing thoughts and predictions about the text enhances the storytelling experience.

“When adults read to children, they are also passing torches – literacy torches – from one generation to the next.”

— Jim Trelease

Keep in mind

Read the story joyfully and with expression

Point out awesome words and amazing pictures

Explain the meaning of important words

Cross over into the world of story… mingle and breathe the same air as the characters

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